With over 80 years of combined experience and industry affiliations, Scent Lab is the leaders of perfume oil suppliers, scented oils and fragrance body oils across South Africa, Africa and Globally.

With an in-house scent designer (Perfumer) and GCMS analyst, Scent Lab is able to match many FMCG fragrances to customer specifications.  With an in-house scent designer customers are able to make their own perfume and client consultations are held to fully understand the clients need.  Designer perfume oils make great gifts and are extremely popular in market.

Scent Lab sources perfume oils (South Africa and globally) from the biggest names in the industry. Sent Lab truly understands the industry in which they operate by trading in and manufacturing of Aroma Chemical Compounds / Perfume Oils and Fragrance Oils for the use in fine fragrances.

Body Care:  Scent Lab design and develop soap scents to support daily hygiene rituals including body oil for men,  shower soap/gel, scented body lotion, roll-on perfume oil and high perfume body sprays. Popular perfume oils for body care include:  Lavender perfume oil & Jasmine perfume oil with Almond Scent being the top pick in soap scents for homemade soap.

Self Care:  The Best scents to improve sleep, reduce stress and more!  Scents can have a huge effect on our mood and the area of our brain that processes emotions is tied to the part of our brain that processes smells.   Adding a calming scent to your daily regimen can aid in preventing many illnesses, especially those that are linked to stress.

  • Lavender and neroli promote relaxation
  • Lemongrass and rosemary promote concentration
  • Roman chamomile and juniper promote calmness
  • Cinnamon and basil promote focus
  • Sweet orange promotes cheer and happiness
  • Patchouli acts as an aphrodisiac and promotes “positive vibes”

Fine Fragrance:  Scent Lab supplies Fine fragrance oils for perfume making, which copies some of the big brand names that are well known and loved in Tanzania. Scent Lab oils are manufactured through reverse engineering and many of which are procured from the very same suppliers who manufacture the original scents sold to these big brands. Customers in Tanzania favourite the following scents:  Vanilla perfume oil and Rose perfume oil.

Home Care:  Scent Lab designs and manufactures scents that add beautiful scents to home care. Daily chores can be boring and mundane, through high impact fragrances that encourage cleaner and fresher experiences; we help make brands more effective and enjoyable.

Scented Candles are not only beautiful gifts, but they can boost your mood and Productivity.  Our top picks include:

  • Jasmine: Calms anxiety
  • Vanilla: Uplifting and assists relaxation.
  • Citrus: Improves efficiency
  • Pine and Cedar: Reduces stress

Using scents in your home, be it in candle form or in cleaning agents, can not only improve your cleaning regime but also improve your mood without a second thought.

Scent Lab design & manufacture perfume oil for application in every product used in daily personal care from hair care (Shampoos, Relaxers, Hair Food, Conditioners) to face care, foot care & more.

Wondering how to start your own perfume business in Tanzania? Simply Contact Scent Lab online.